Connecting with Our Team: Meet Carmen Davila

Above all, Connect Staffing is about people. Our personal touch is what differentiates us from the rest–made possible by our valued employees. In the Connecting with Our Team series, 

we showcase those who bring our people first approach to life. 

Onboarding specialist, Carmen Davila, is one of those people.

Carmen has been with Connect Staffing for four years, in which time, she’s given her warm welcome to thousands of job seekers and helped them become Connect Staffing associates. In her role at the front desk, she also serves the everyday needs of our hard-working associates by helping them communicate with payroll, HR, and recruiting departments, as well as helping to complete forms and understand their benefits. Of course, we cannot forget the most important duty… distributing checks on payday! “There is no normal day,” she laughed. “I do a little bit of everything.”

A second family

Carmen heard about Connect Staffing through her son. Not knowing what to expect, she took a shot in the dark and came to apply for a temporary assignment. She’s certainly glad she did, though, as the first position she was offered was working on the internal team! Carmen now describes the company more than a workplace–it’s become her home away from home. 

“The environment is so friendly,” she said. “Everyone here is family to me. It’s a place that you don’t want to leave.” 

Carmen enjoys the collaborative approach to business at Connect Staffing. If someone has an idea, Cima and others in leadership are quick to listen. 

“If they like the idea, they make it work,” she said. 

Fright nights

One of Carmen’s hobbies outside of work is watching scary movies, primarily the Conjuring franchise. “There’s just something about being scared,” she said. 

With Covid restrictions loosening, she’s excited to get back to the theater. “The big screen experience is the best.” 

Although, she doesn’t just watch scary movies. Every year, at the Connect Staffing costume party, the team witnesses her terrifying transformations.

Some of Carmen’s favorites over the years? “I’ve been Annabelle, The Nun, a zombie, a vampire, and even Pennywise,” she laughed.

Carmen also spends her free time doting on her two grandkids, ages 1 and 7, who she calls her “little rascals.” She takes the role of grandmother seriously, constantly showering them with treats and gifts.

“I try to spoil them,” she said. “They’re my only two grandkids for now, so why not?”

Looking ahead

Carmen is thrilled to have landed at Connect Staffing, where she’s been able to grow and connect with an incredible family. She has no plans on going anywhere.

“I’m so grateful to be here,” she said. “If it’s up to me, I’ll be here for years to come.”

Stay tuned for the next entry in the Connecting with Our Team series. If you’re interested in exploring opportunities with Connect Staffing, give us a call and talk to one of our staff members today!


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