What Does a Warehousing Job Require?

Warehouse work offers great opportunities for people with the right skills and mindset. Businesses that run warehouses need a constant supply of labor. Keeping the goods moving and organized, all while maintaining good safety practices, takes discipline. This article is for someone who is thinking about pursuing a career in the field of warehousing but has questions about what they might need to get started.

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What goes on in a warehouse?

Modern warehousing is about much more than just moving boxes around. Today’s distribution centers are full of technology. Businesses everywhere are embracing tools like tablets and hand-held scanners. Automation is on the rise. Logistics experts are constantly looking for ways to make their operations run faster while still being safe.

What all this means is that careers in warehousing are not just about physical labor. Employers are looking for candidates with the right technical skills and training to step into roles. 

What if you don’t have those skills? Don’t worry. Finding qualified people to fill jobs like these isn’t easy. Many employers will hire promising candidates who lack the right experience if they have the right attitude and meet certain must-have requirements.

Typical requirements for warehousing work

These are some of the typical requirements for a job working in a warehouse:

  • Age. Warehouse employees must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Experience. Some type of experience in manual work is typically necessary. Employers want to know you’ve worked with your hands.
  • Specific skills. Many jobs call for specific training or certifications. A forklift operator, for example, may need a certification prior to starting a job. Training like this is available through specialized schools.
  • Social skills. Working in a warehouse isn’t a solitary activity, and there are plenty of times when the whole team needs to work together to meet deadlines. Employees need the necessary soft skills to get along well.
  • Physical traits. Employees must meet certain minimum requirements for strength and flexibility to safely work in a warehousing environment.
  • Work history. Some employers are especially concerned about a candidate’s demonstrated willingness to stick with a job and show up on time every day.
  • Shift availability. Many warehousing jobs are organized by shift. Flexibility to work long hours, at night, or on weekends can open additional opportunities.
  • Drug and background screening. Some employers require candidates to undergo drug screening and criminal background checks.

What shapes job requirements for warehouses?

Warehousing jobs involve a mix of physical and mental skills. Job requirements tend to center around one or more of the following categories:

  • Safety.
    Safety is at the center of many of the requirements employers have for jobs in warehousing. Today’s logistics centers are designed from the ground up with safety in mind. Facilities are laid out and constructed to prevent incidents like a shelving collapse or a forklift accident. 

    Nevertheless, employees need to have certain physical capabilities to be safe working on the warehouse floor. Just as important, they need the right skills to work safely.
  • Speed.
    Warehouses are critical stops in supply chains that can stretch around the globe. While still being safe, warehousing employers want jobs done on time. Working quickly and safely isn’t easy. Dexterity and endurance are needed to keep up the pace. 

    To be fast and safe, employees also need to be smart. They need to understand how to use the tools of the trade—scanners, inventory management systems, forklifts, and much more. They also need to know how to spot problems, especially safety hazards.
  • Culture. 
    To keep the floor working efficiently, it helps to have a team that is cohesive, service-oriented, and happy. Being able to work with integrity, with the ability to get along with other parts of the team, is often essential for establishing a long-term fit with a particular business.

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