Is Your Staffing Agency Treating You Like a Number?

Many job seekers assume that temporary staffing agencies exist to help them find the right position for their skills, background, and goals. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some recruiters focus more on serving their clients’ short-term requirements with little regard for the employee’s current and future needs.

Do you sometimes feel like your staffing agency treats you like a number rather than as a person? In this article, we share some common frustrations temporary staffers experience and explain how the employment specialists at Connect Staffing provide our associates with a more positive, personalized experience from day one.

What does it mean to be treated like a number?

If you’ve ever walked into a staffing office, filled out an application, and left without being asked about your needs or long-term goals, then you know the feeling. As a result, you may have endured weeks, or even months, at a job site wondering why you were placed in that position or with that particular company. 

This kind of experience takes place far too often, when a temporary staffing agency:

  • Only focuses on filling positions, regardless of long-term suitability, which typically means they care more about the bottom line than making the best match.
  • Avoids considering aspects of the job that aren’t included in the job description, such as the culture fit.
  • Doesn’t take the employee’s needs, goals, and desires seriously in the placement process, then sets them up with inappropriate assignments.
  • Encourages deceit by making dishonest suggestions like padding a resume or fudging dates, in the interest of “making a sale.” Although this rarely happens, it would be a serious red flag that you are dealing with an unscrupulous agency.

How Connect Staffing is different

Connect Staffing treats associates as our most valuable assets, not afterthoughts. We truly believe that happier workers are more motivated, leading to more successful outcomes for both employees and clients. In fact, that was the driving mission that inspired our founder Cima Johnson to fulfill her dream of launching an agency that would approach staffing with a more considerate, personal touch.

Here are just a few of the ways that Connect Staffing does things differently and better:

  • We put our associates first, factoring in their skills, workplace preferences, and future goals for great-fitting assignments, which also benefits the clients.
  • We are focused on temp-to-perm positions, so we care a lot about long-term fit between employees and clients’ companies.
  • We get to know you as a candidate and learn as much as we can about the client, too—so we can make matches that account for all aspects of the job, beyond the description.
  • Our recruiters are 100% committed to supporting you at every step in your search for a meaningful position where you are valued and appreciated.
  • We prioritize safety training and compliance for your protection on the job.
  • We’ve got your back if you ever need help resolving a problem. 

Make Connect Staffing your trusted job partner!

At Connect Staffing, our goal is to build mutually supportive, long-term relationships with both clients and candidates, and your success is always our highest priority. Sign up with us and see for yourself! Start by registering on our website, then call or text us at (714) 622-4494 to schedule an in-depth conversation with one of our staff recruiters, so we can get to know you.


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