Connecting with Our Team: Meet Beth Rabenstein

If you have ever met Beth Rabenstein, you already know she’s much more than an account manager and recruiter for Connect Staffing. She’s also something of a “surrogate mom” for everyone in the office.

“I guess because I’m a bit older than everyone else here—even though I’m only 42—I sometimes feel like a Mommy at work,” Beth says. “People love to talk to me about their stuff.”

Setting the example for others to follow

For about three years now, Beth has brightened up our offices with her smile. She’s always making calls to clients to ensure our associates arrive safely. Beth also helps coordinate internal projects and tasks. She even brings in new candidates for interviews and searches for open orders to place on the job board. “After all that I go home to my family and then come back to do it all again the next day,” she says. “I love my job!”

Helping hands

What Beth loves most about her job is helping people. “The best part is when a candidate finally gets hired on. That’s always amazing,” Beth says. “When you pair the right person with the right job and you hear back from them just how much they’re loving their assignment, it really makes my day.” 

Her first job was at a sandwich shop called BK Subs. “I still help them out to this day,” says Beth. “I started there at 16 and the owner is still a very good friend. In fact, that’s where I was working when Cima, the founder of Connect Staffing, first met me and eventually recruited me.”

She’s worked in the trenches

Like anyone else, Beth has had her share of bad job experiences. “I worked at Del Taco once and my first day they asked me to clean the bathroom. Someone had left me a present in there and that was my last day,” she says. “I’ve also worked a variety of jobs, from customer service to marketing. I even worked at U-Haul in the reservations department and then went to work on-site, too. That was probably my second favorite job.”

Achieving her dream of helping people

If Beth wasn’t working for Connect Staffing, she might consider following her childhood dream. “I really wanted to be a defense attorney,” she says. “I always wanted to help people who are wrongly accused. But then I realized that not everyone I’d have to defend is innocent, so that sort of made me reconsider that career path.”

When Beth isn’t at her desk making our associates’ dreams come true, she enjoys going to swap meets on the weekends to look at cars and motorcycles. She also loves spending as much time with her family as she can, especially watching movies together. “One of my favorite films is Forest Gump,” says Beth. “I love that quote about how life is like a box of chocolates, because you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Family Ties

Beth is originally from Redlands, California, and has lived in several other places through the years. However, she admits her preference is to live here in Orange County. “This is where my family is,” she says. With five kids ranging from 16 to 23 years old, plus a 3-year-old grandson, she has a lot to be proud of, and plenty to keep her busy when she’s at home.

Beth is excited to share that she’s engaged to her boyfriend, Pastor, who she’s been with for 7 years. “He’s really a sweetheart. I think his name, which means ‘shepherd,’ really suits him. He’s always looking out for me and other people,” she says.

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