Connecting with Our Team: Meet Lupe Celedon

At Connect Staffing we distinguish ourselves from other staffing agencies by our personal touch, and that all starts with our employees. In the next in our Connecting with Our Team series, we’d like to introduce Senior Recruiter Guadalupe Celedon.

Guadalupe’s daily work centers on getting to know candidates and matching them to the right employer, so everyone involved can achieve their professional goals. She joined Connect Staffing five years ago and has built her career on a foundation of service.

Her favorite work moments are when the people she works with turn a temporary assignment into a full-time position. “I love to hear the excitement of people when they call me to say, ‘Thank you, I finally got hired by the company that you sent me to,’” she said.

A Career of Exploration

Guadalupe’s career didn’t begin in the staffing industry. She graduated from UEI College with a plan of becoming a dental assistant. In school she followed her passion for helping people by taking care of students while finishing up the training program. After graduation she began working as a dietary aide at a retirement home, where she worked for four years.

When Guadalupe joined Connect Staffing she was eager to try something new. From the beginning, she knew that she was dealing with a very different company from the ones she’d experienced in the past.

Solving Challenges by Listening and Caring

Workers in temporary employment often work with several agencies over the course of their careers. Quite often when candidates first come to Connect Staffing they have had frustrating experiences with agencies that haven’t treated them well. But when they come to us—and begin working with Guadalupe—they know that they’re dealing with a different type of agency.

Guadalupe shines when someone brings an issue to her attention, whether it’s a client facing a difficult staffing challenge or an employee dealing with a tough problem. Regardless of the difficulty, Guadalupe begins by bringing calm to the situation. In her experience, listening is the key first step to fixing problems. By paying attention and keeping a positive attitude, Guadalupe has transformed a lot of difficult situations into positive ones for clients and candidates alike.

She believes what sets our staffing agency apart from others is our commitment to people. “We value our employees and take the time to listen to their needs or concerns,” she said. “We see everyone as family not just someone random that we’re sending out to work.”

Guadalupe feels very happy and blessed to be a part of Connect Staffing. “We’re treated as family. We’re not treated as just employees.” She plans on staying with the company for a long time to come.

When Guadalupe isn’t working to make the lives of Connect Staffing Inc clients better, she loves going camping and watching movies. In fact, what she’s looking forward to the most after the COVID-19 pandemic ends is going to the theater and getting a large popcorn with lots of butter.

Stay tuned for the next entry in the Connecting with Our Team series! Are you interested in exploring opportunities with Connect Staffing? Give us a call to talk to one of our staff members today!


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