Connecting with Our Team: Meet Rosemarie Raygoza

We hope that you’ve enjoyed meeting our staff members as much as we’ve enjoyed getting to know them over the past few months. In this month’s edition of Connecting with Our Team, Connect Staffing profiles our Payroll Administrator, Rosemarie Raygoza.

Keeping the Payroll Rolling

Rosemarie has been with Connect Staffing for two years. Prior to her career in the staffing industry she worked for 20 years as an assistant manager at a wholesale flower company. Rosemarie was working at an employment services provider when Connect Staffing acquired the business. We saw her potential straight away and were thrilled when she agreed to join our payroll department.  

Rosemarie’s work covers a huge range of responsibilities, including:

  • Ensuring timecard information is properly approved and received from clients in time for payroll processing.
  • Making sure that invoices are accurate to reduce corrections.
  • Providing quality customer service to clients and associates in the area of time-and-pay and account receivable disputes.

Her most important role is making sure that all payroll is submitted accurately and adheres to the banking schedule. Rosemarie loves working with numbers and likes to review everything to make sure it’s correct. She gets satisfaction knowing that everything is processed right the first time.

The Experience of Working for Connect Staffing

Like many Connect Staffing employees, Rosemarie has no intention of leaving. Why? Well, she really enjoys her work environment and is super fond of her coworkers. 

“It’s also extremely rewarding knowing that we are providing people with employment,” she said.

When asked how Connect Staffing stands out from its competitors, Rosemarie stresses the company’s commitment to service. “We surpass our competitors through enthusiastically meeting the needs of both our employees and clients. Through effectively handling any issues that may arise, we open-mindedly approach each situation in a swift, respectful manner.”

Rosemarie reflected about how much the work environment at her previous jobs differed from the one she found at Connect Staffing. “The leadership is good. Everyone here treats clients and employees with kindness. We care about everyone that walks through the door.”

“Through being part of this company, I’ve experienced first-hand what it’s like to work in a professional environment. I take pride in working for Connect Staffing due to our strong, honest ethics and leadership. As we continue to expand, I visualize myself growing alongside it, which is something I’m extremely excited about.”

Rosemarie is a native of San Gabriel and now lives in West Covina with her three children. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets, and going on hikes, camping and escaping to her family cabin.

We’re proud to have Rosemarie as part of our family. If you’d like to learn more about our team, schedule a time to talk to us. Give us a call to talk to one of our staff members today!


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