Building a Resume that Will Get a Recruiter’s Attention

Do you know how much your resume is worth?

Don’t worry: nobody is selling stolen resumes out of the trunk of their car. The value of your resume is uniquely yours. Done right, it can open doors to amazing opportunities.

At Connect Staffing we love getting resumes from jobseekers like you. We recognize the potential in every resume we get—even the ones with a few typos. By the time our recruiter is sending your resume off to an employer we’ll have helped you iron out those little details.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take some steps to help your potential leap off the page, so our recruiters can’t help but say, “Wow!”

Remember, when you send a resume to a staffing agency like Connect Staffing, you’re making the first move in a new relationship. Temporary work isn’t like other jobs. You’ll be employed by us, as the agency, even though the work you do will be for one of our clients.

When we get a new resume, we look for answers to a few questions:

  • Does the candidate have the skills our clients need?
  • What sort of experience does the candidate have?
  • Are there signs the candidate will be an enthusiastic and reliable employee?

If you look at a list of questions like that and feel like you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. Plenty of people have a hard time writing resumes. Here are a few tricks you can use to help your recruiter recognize your fullest potential:

Your name and contact information.

You’d be surprised how many resume writers forget to add their name and at least a phone number. Quite a few others don’t catch typos in a number or email address, so we can’t reach the owner and get started. Make sure your basic details are at the top and right.

Tell us about your work history.

Listing your past work experiences, with the most recent one first, is the most important part of a resume. Include a short description of the work you did and any accomplishments you’d like us to know about.

What if you don’t have a long work history? Don’t worry. If you’ve done something that shows a strong work ethic, like caring for an elderly grandparent, it might be worth adding. Remember, Connect Staffing is focused on you. We can help you decide whether an experience is the right fit for a particular job.

Tell us about your education.

We’d like to know about your academic career, too. Feel free to share the things you’d like to brag about, like a great GPA or being part of the marching band. At Connect Staffing we work with people from all walks of life, and from every imaginable background. If you’re still in school or just thinking about going, we’d like to know about that, too.

List your skills.

The jobs we fill at Connect Staffing call for a lot of different skills. If you’re after an office job, you’ll want to tell us about your familiarity with computer software like Microsoft Office .If you’re looking for work at a warehouse you might want us to know about your experience operating forklifts. When in doubt, put it on there.

Tell us about you.

Lists of skills and job titles don’t say a whole lot about who a person is. Add extra insight to your resume by letting us know a bit about you. What are your professional goals? What hobbies do you enjoy? What excites you about work? Feel free to include extra details that you might want us to know about as your agency. Remember, you can always adjust your resume to match the needs of a particular employer when the time comes.

Ready to get started finding the next work opportunity? Polish up your resume and send it over. Our recruiters are looking forward to reading it. We’re sure you’ll make a great part of the Connect Staffing Team.

You can upload your resume through our web portal by clicking here. Have questions? Feel free to call or text us at (714) 622-4494. We’re excited to hear from you!


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