The Power of Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity is one of California’s great strengths. Smart employers actively tap into this great resource to build teams that are more productive and solve problems more efficiently. Diversity isn’t just an ideal, it’s a business strategy with measurable benefits.

Much of the conversation about diversity has focused on c-suite executives and boards of directors. A 2017 study by McKinsey & Company found plenty of evidence that gender and ethnic diversity at the top of a business results in higher profitability.

What do we mean by diversity?

The reason is simple: different backgrounds give people distinctive perspectives. A diverse group has a better chance of forming strategies and solving problems in ways that are more effective than a less diverse group might use.

Building a diverse team can require a shift in mindset among a company’s leadership, and not necessarily for reasons that quickly come to mind. Racial or gender bias undoubtedly hurts a company’s ability to grow the best possible team. But other forms of bias can be equally harmful. Diversity goes beyond race and gender. It also encompasses the places where people grew up and went to school, the cultures they’ve lived within, and even the jobs they’ve held in their careers.

Not just for executives

So how does diversity translate among the rank-and-file of a business? In our experience, the benefits more than justify the effort a leadership team should put in to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce. Here are a few of the ways we’ve seen diversity make a difference for our clients:

  • Solving problems, together.

Most successful businesses want problem solvers at every level. A team that tackles challenges together is stronger and more resilient. Finding solutions is one of the areas were diversity shines. A group of men and women are less likely to find great ways to improve service for women than a group of only men would. A group composed of people from a variety of places is more likely to bring together a useful collection of abstract skills. The possibilities are endless.

  • Inclusion makes employees happier.

Diversity is an employee retention strategy. When every employee, regardless of their background and characteristics, feels welcome and respected in the workplace, the result is a team that wants to stay. Employers benefit from higher productivity and lower turnover costs.

  • Attract better employees.

Our associates reflect the diversity of our area. When asked, many of them tell us that working with people from a variety of backgrounds is important to them.

A company with a diverse workforce will have an easier time attracting employees from every background. California workers of every background want to be a part of diverse teams. By cultivating a broad mix of backgrounds on your staff, you’ll give candidates a positive first impression when they visit. This is also why it’s important to reflect a diverse team on your company’s website.

  • Provide better service.

Whether they’re strictly local or global in scale, businesses need to stay responsive to their customers’ authentic needs. Basing customer service decisions on assumptions is likely to miss the subtle elements that differentiate great businesses from merely good ones. Women are more likely to see ways to better serve other women. A Latinx employee is more likely to understand the needs of his or her community. And so on.

This benefit works the other way, too. Customers that are also actively promoting diversity will prefer to work with vendors who share their values. In other words, by investing energy in internal growth, a business can achieve greater external growth.

  • Diversity is the present—and the future.
  • The importance of diversity is only going to grow as time goes on. Managers who are mindful of building a business for the long term should see diversity as a foundational component of that effort. The population of the United States is growing more diverse every day. Teams that foster inclusiveness now will be in a better position to compete over the next decade and beyond.

Connect Staffing is your partner for today’s personnel needs

The recruiters at Connect Staffing work with clients to help them grow productive, happy teams. For us, diversity is the only way to do business. Does your company need help fostering a more inclusive environment? Reach out to Connect Staffing today. Call us at (714) 622-4494 to speak with one of our experienced recruiters today.


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