Connecting with Our Team: Meet Chad Morris

They say a company is only as good as its people, and that’s why we’re so proud to feature some of the exceptional individuals who make Connect Staffing such a great place to work.

People like Chad Morris, our Branch Manager for the Los Alamitos office, remind us why we’re here and what matters most in life. “Day to day I work with about eight people on our team to onboard for our clients and I manage two locations where onsite reps work with employees. I also oversee our largest account, so that keeps me pretty busy.”

Chad was born in Sacramento and grew up in Corona, so he’s a Californian at heart. Maybe that’s why, after he earned his B.A. in Psychology at BYU Idaho, he came back home to get his Masters in Leadership and Organizational Behavior at Azusa Pacific University. 

Even though he’s only been with the company for about four months, Chad’s expertise has already helped to improve our processes in significant ways. “I was a clinical manager for an autism therapy provider for about 13 years prior to coming to work at Connect Staffing,” Chad says. “What I learned there was surprisingly relevant to what we do here every day because the focus is still on representing a group of people who need our help to succeed in the world.” 

What Chad loves best about his job is the opportunity to find creative solutions. “One thing that really attracted me to this company was what Cima [our founder] said about what we were trying to accomplish here. She’s given me a lot of freedom to improve the team and she’s allowed me to implement creative changes to procedures to improve outcomes for everyone. This is a very collaborative and cooperative environment to work in, and I really appreciate that.”

When he’s not applying his creative ideas to solve problems at work, Chad loves to express himself through art. “I love to paint, write music and host open mic poetry nights when I’m not working,” he says. “My third book of poetry is releasing soon and I’ve been very fortunate to work directly with a handful of local independent bookstores to get my work out there.”

But don’t worry. Chad isn’t thinking of quitting his day job just yet. He still finds plenty of fulfillment working with all of us here. “Connect Staffing really stands out from other staffing agencies out there,” Chad says. “The focus here is not so much the bottom line. It’s the employees we help on a daily basis that really matter most. I can think of several examples where we’ve gone out of our way to do the right thing by an employee and that makes me proud to be part of this team. Referrals and reputation are what we live by in this industry, and we work hard every day to make sure to put employees first.”

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