How a Staffing Firm Improves a Client’s Safety Culture

Safety is a state of mind. No matter the industry, safe practices aren’t just about wearing the right protective gear or following prescribed procedures, though those things are important. Working safely also requires a constant awareness of potential hazards. Building such awareness across a team takes good communication, and a shared safety culture.

Ideally, everyone who steps foot on a work site plays a part in building the site’s safety culture. For Connect Staffing, fostering a safety mindset among our associates is a top priority, not just because it keeps our staff safe and controls costs, but it also provides our clients with added value.

We take safety personally

Responsible employers prioritize safety because it’s the right thing to do for their staff, but there are financial incentives behind it as well. A lax safety culture opens the door for injuries. Incidents can have several consequences: lost time and staffing shortfalls, dampened morale, and rising workers’ compensation costs.

Employers work with an agency like Connect Staffing to fill positions for plenty of reasons. We take over the hard work of finding good candidates. We provide an added layer of management, ensuring compliance with training requirements, handling admin, and resolving challenges. And we take ultimate responsibility as the employer of record.

Our concern for the wellbeing and success of our associates is one of the values that sets Connect Staffing apart from its competition. Equipping our team with a safety mindset is part of a comprehensive approach we take to keeping them safe and happy in their work. In turn, our clients enjoy the benefits of staff who are responsible, reliable, and motivated.

These two factors—our commitment to our associates and our underlying obligations as their employer—give Connect Staffing plenty of reason to prioritize safe working conditions at our clients’ operations. But we also want our partnerships with clients to last. To do that, we strive to become an active participant in shaping the client’s safety culture.

Building partnerships for staffing safety

These are some of the ways Connect Staffing can contribute to the safety practices at your business:

  • Independent safety reviews.

Our associates rely on us to verify that they will be placed where their health will not be on the line. Inspections of worksites are a routine part of our onboarding process. Our clients love the chance to get an outsider’s perspective on their processes, because they share our goal of always getting better. Where we see concerns, we might suggest bringing in an expert consultant to provide a deeper look into how a problem can be sustainably addressed.

  • Our associates bring safety awareness with them.

By giving our associates the tools they need to recognize safety issues, we provide our clients with another set of eyes that will be watching for concerns every day on the job. We train our associates to raise safety concerns whenever they see them. If their worksite manager does not take action to resolve the concern, if necessary we will step in to escalate the conversation.

  • Shared safety resources for better results.

Because our associates are covered by our workers’ compensation program, we’re eager to share the resources that come with it with our clients. Developing best practices is a constant process. Fresh perspectives and new training resources help close gaps and deepen the safety culture across the organization—not just among our associates.

Let Connect Staffing help you foster a stronger safety culture

In the COVID era, safety challenges have become even more pronounced. We’re working with our clients to get through the pandemic in a way that keeps operations humming and employees safe. Getting there is a collaborative effort, with the client’s management, our recruiters and trainers, and our associates all playing key roles.

How is your business improving its safety culture? We’d love to hear your stories and share our own. Call Connect Staffing today at (714) 622-4494 to start a conversation.


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