What Does a Warehousing Job Require?

Warehouse work offers great opportunities for people with the right skills and mindset. Businesses that run warehouses need a constant supply of labor. Keeping the goods moving and organized, all while maintaining good safety practices, takes discipline. This article is for someone who is thinking about pursuing a career in the field of warehousing but […]

Is Your Staffing Agency Treating You Like a Number?

Many job seekers assume that temporary staffing agencies exist to help them find the right position for their skills, background, and goals. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some recruiters focus more on serving their clients’ short-term requirements with little regard for the employee’s current and future needs. Do you sometimes feel like your […]

The Time to Pay Higher Wages is Now

With unemployment in California still hovering above 8%, many employers are baffled by how difficult finding qualified candidates has become. It’s a trend that isn’t isolated to California. Even though pandemic restrictions are loosening, employers all over the country cannot seem to fill positions. The explanations for why filling positions has become so difficult are […]

Connecting with Our Team: Meet Carmen Davila

Above all, Connect Staffing is about people. Our personal touch is what differentiates us from the rest–made possible by our valued employees. In the Connecting with Our Team series,  we showcase those who bring our people first approach to life.  Onboarding specialist, Carmen Davila, is one of those people. Carmen has been with Connect Staffing for four years, […]

To Find the Right Candidates, Ask Great Questions

Despite a high unemployment rate in California, many of the employers Connect Staffing supports are struggling to find qualified people to fill positions. Numerous factors are driving the labor shortage, only some of which are in an employer’s control.  Once a candidate has reached the interview stage, businesses need to have their game plan set […]

Connecting with Our Team: Meet Beth Rabenstein

If you have ever met Beth Rabenstein, you already know she’s much more than an account manager and recruiter for Connect Staffing. She’s also something of a “surrogate mom” for everyone in the office. “I guess because I’m a bit older than everyone else here—even though I’m only 42—I sometimes feel like a Mommy at […]

Why You Should Apply for a Temporary Job

If you don’t know much about what it means to work a temporary job, don’t worry. Plenty of people aren’t sure what temping is, or why they might like it. For so many working people, temping isn’t only a great way to find good, steady work. It also has many advantages that can be hard […]

10 Keys for Writing Effective Job Descriptions

A thorough, well-written job description is an important part of recruiting the most qualified candidates to your company. It can also be a valuable internal tool, when used to support performance evaluations, training processes, salary levels, reasonable accommodation guidelines, and legal compliance. In a 2020 survey by Indeed, 52% of job seekers responded that the […]

Connecting with Our Team: Meet Chad Morris

They say a company is only as good as its people, and that’s why we’re so proud to feature some of the exceptional individuals who make Connect Staffing such a great place to work. People like Chad Morris, our Branch Manager for the Los Alamitos office, remind us why we’re here and what matters most […]

How a Staffing Firm Improves a Client’s Safety Culture

Safety is a state of mind. No matter the industry, safe practices aren’t just about wearing the right protective gear or following prescribed procedures, though those things are important. Working safely also requires a constant awareness of potential hazards. Building such awareness across a team takes good communication, and a shared safety culture. Ideally, everyone […]